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Event Calendar

We have one Members social meeting (usually) on the fourth Monday of each month.  


These take place at the Royal British Legion (Flackwell Heath - next to Barclays Bank)

starting at 8.00 pm.


The July and August meetings are held at one or other of our fields and we try to arrange for a  

BBQ.   December is normally the Hamper Competition.


We also try to arrange other social events during the year.




Provisional Club Events for 2018



Monday 1st Jan 2018 New Year's Day Flyin.


Sunday 4th Feb 2018 Winter Build + TBA (SGCC)


Sunday 18th Feb 2018 Winter Build + F117a Build (SGCC)


Sunday 25th Feb 2018 Winter Build + Bring & Buy (SGCC)


Monday 12th Mar 2018 Talk - TBC (RBL)


Sunday 25th Mar 2018 Spring Flyin. (Flackwell)

(Reserve Date 08/04/18)


Monday 23rd April 2018 Concours. (RBL)


Sunday 20th May 2018 Scale and Aerobatic Competition. (Flackwell)

(Reserve Date 03/06/18 – Run as part of the Gala Day)


Sunday 3rd Jun 2018 Gala Day. (Flackwell)

(Reserve Date 17/06/18)


Monday 25th Jun 2018 Club Evening Field Meeting. (Flackwell)


Sunday 22nd July 2018 Chuckie Challenge. (Towersey)

(Reserve date 29/07/18)


Sunday 19th Aug 2018 Possible Summer Flyin. (Flackwell)


Monday 24th Sep 2018 Photo Competition (RBL)


Monday 22nd Oct 2018 Talk - TBC (RBL)


Monday 26th Nov 2018 AGM & Subs. (RBL)


Sunday 2nd Dec 2018 Hamper Comp. (Flackwell)

(Reserve Date 09/12/18)  











 Provisional Committee Meeting Schedule

                        (19:30pm start)


    Date                            Venue                       Type


/02/2017                         RBL                           Normal

/03/2017                           "                             Normal

/04/2017                           "                             Normal

/05/2017                           "                             Normal

/06/2017                           "                             Normal

/07/2017                           "                             Normal

/08/2017                           "                             Normal

/09/2017                           "                             Normal

/10/2017                           "                             Normal

/11/2017                           "                             Normal


Inter Club Competition Schedule

         Date                                   Venue